Πέμπτη, 27 Μαΐου 2010

Fantasizing Summer

P1070900 Oufit details:
My sister:top:Zara,jeans:Bershka,earrings:accessorize
Me:Top and Jeans:Bershka,cardigan:Zara,scarf:monastiraki's flea market,bag and earring made by me

A couple of days ago,I spent my day with my sister.It was quite fun I could say.My sister likes walking,so we were wandering in the city for hours.I like these days.They're so summery.I went to the beach for the third time yesterday.It was a really beautiful beach,and that's weird concindering how much close to the city it was.Although I study a lot for the exam,I manage to have some breaks and taste the summer a little and fantasize how I'm gonna spend my days after schools are finaly closed.
Moreover,there are many festivals in the city this period.Like the Jazz festival in Tehnopolis,or the B-fest.I'll definitely go to the B-fest on Sunday and maybe drop by the vintage & used bazaar Nina was talking about.The thing is I've got no money at all.And as we know...no money,no honey!As far as this is concerned I was thinking about getting a job as a team leader in a summer camp.But when I think about the things I'm gonna miss,I doubt.Summer parties,festivals,going swimming with friends and being outside of the house all day long.I don't know if I wanna sacrifice all these.
These days,I also watch almost a movie per day and I read books a lot too.I finished "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".So if you wanna recommend me a movie or a book,I would be pleased!

p.s.Sorry for the lack of posts and comments in this period,but I don't have plenty of time as you can guess.


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Elviella είπε...

ομορφο φωωως! καλοκαιρινο!:D

και ομορφες φωτογραφιες, φυσικα. τα νουντλς ηταν καλυτερα απ αυτα που πηραμε μαζι?

επισης. περιμενω ποστ με φωτογραφιες απο βαψιματα και "αιματα" και πληροφοριες για το ακρως απορρητο πραγμα της κυριακης. :3

Ανώνυμος είπε...

i recommend one hundred years of solitude
markez has an incredibly vivid imagination:)


My Life Is A Mess είπε...

Thaaaanks!I've heard a lot about it.I'm gonna put it on my list!

F e n i a ♥ είπε...

agapi mou<3
Epestrepsa epitelous meta apo tis e3etaseis mou!Latreuw tis photo sou,sou proteinw na tis dei3eis kapou mipws k to deis epaggelmatika!Paw k egw na kanw ena post k perimenw k alla nea sou!

F e n i a ♥ είπε...

hahaha i'm reallyyy glad that you're my first comment after such a long time cause you're one of my top 5 blog crushes<3
Hmm..my plans: dream of the future,smile,dance,party,swim,tanning,blogging and everything that has to do with me being away from school books:p

F e n i a ♥ είπε...

χαχαχαχα:) κι εμένα μου έλειψαν πολύ τα posts σου!Καλά έχεις απίστευτο ταλέντο στη φωτογραφία!Για μένα πρέπει να το κυνηγήσεις!Μπράβο μπράβο χάρηκα πολύ που σε βρήκα!

Juliette είπε...

Beautiful pictures! Very summery.
And I agree, I'm so happy for summer vacation. I have a whole stack of books to read and a long list of movies to watch!

-Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

Painted- είπε...

Lovely Pictures!
have a nice summer!

Ourania K. είπε...

Stop being absent for soooo looong we miss your posts.... :D
many many many kisses my little "satanikia" friend ;) ;)

Zoé είπε...

ax k egw den kanw tpt allo auton ton kairo, olo fantasizing eimai ;pp
teleies pics once again!

Dandelionkisses είπε...

Love the first picture, it's so pretty.
Thank you for the comment, lol, sending you my hair would be a bit odd :P

My Life Is A Mess είπε...

Yeah.A BIT!But who cares?

Thaaaaank you girls!


Ourania K. είπε...

Eeeeee pou eisaiaiaiaiaiai???Ekana fb!!!Finally...
Se psaxnw alla den se vriskw!Vres meeee
Ourania Kay.

Kiss u :x

natalie είπε...

I love all the pictures! I am so ready for summer to get here, haha. You're so lucky that you live in close proximity to a beach! Well, enjoy your weekend... :)

MJ είπε...

to "photographer wannabe" na to vgaleis apo to profil sou kai na valeis sketo "photographer" giati autes oi foto einai APISTEUTES! pragmatika h mia meta thn allh einai portreta!
se ekana follow kai add sto blogroll mou! tromeres foto, bravo!

Annie♥ είπε...

popo daksei daksei oti kai na pei kaneis einai ligo! oi photo einai tooooso omorfes :)they make me smile...! i completely get you..I signed up for a team leader as well but I am always thinking of the things I will miss. The thing is I love being with children (I consider myself one of them!!)so it will be fun. Plus 250 euro in the pocket!aha!WE NEED THIS!
thanks gia to so sweet comment su! makari na ginoun ta oneira mas :)

xxx Annie
Ti taksh pas?

Annie♥ είπε...

egw eimai 2a lykeiou.Kanonika tha prepe n se pairnoun an eisai 1h lykeiou! Yparxoun polles kataskhnwseis pu plhrwnoun poly parapanw padwws!Psaksto, an kai stn Athina de kserw t paizei! I ve got a serious question: Where did you buy ur sewing machine from? (you know, Efterpi!)
plz plz tell me I am looking for one!

Maxie είπε...

i like the 1st photo and the one with the dog :)

Maddie είπε...

Cool pictures! You make Athens look real pretty:)

natalie είπε...

Lovely pictures! Enjoy your summer and good luck with your exams! :)

Mary Jane Girl είπε...

eisai h pio glykia kopela tou kosmou! pragmatika to comment sou mou eftia3e olh thn evdomada! xairomai polu pou vrhka to blog sou. eisai tromera talantouxa fotografos! thanks kai pali glykia mou!! :)

meraldia είπε...

I love those summery days! And wandering around with my sister is my favorite!

Foteini είπε...

Lovely post kai toso taksidiariko...

Filia dear!

Mairyliscious είπε...

toso omorfes fwtografies !

no I in threesome είπε...

ma poso maresoun!! full of life :)

joanaddicted είπε...

your pics are soooo beautiful! they made my day!!


Lovely pictures here also!!!